The Polar Museums Network

The Polar Museums Network (PMN) is an initiative to strengthen and spread the knowledge of polar history, science and exploration. The PMN includes museums/institutions, as defined by the statutes of ICOM, which deal with the polar regions. Membership of the PMN is also open to all persons and institutions evidencing an abiding interest in the collection, preservation, research and interpretation of polar artefacts.

The aims of the PMN are to:

  • Foster greater international collaboration amongst polar museums.
  • Strengthen competence through information sharing, meetings and temporary exchange of staff.
  • Cooperate on exhibitions, research, outreach/learning, documentation and conservation.
  • Organise meetings of network partners on an annual basis, the meeting place to circulate amongst partners.
  • Promote the PMN as a resource in society.
  • Promote exchange of information and ideas among partners.
  • Spread knowledge and awareness and increase interest about the polar regions past, present and future.